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Orcas are just one of the magnificent creatures that can be seen on our tours. Strictly speaking, Orcas, are migratory animals so it is more likely to see them around our waters in the Summer months. However, there is a pod known as 'The West Coast Community', which remains off the West Coast of Scotland all year round.  With their instantly recognisable large black dorsal fins and distinctive white and black 'livery', they are not hard to identify if you are lucky enough to spot one! 

Hebridean Sea Ottersare spotted all year round along our coastlines and sea lochs. However, they also require fresh water to wash the salt of their coats so their holts are often located close to a fresh water source. When there are incoming tides, Otters are often more active as the movement of the sea can disturb crabs and other sea life which they rely on for nutrition.

Many of the UK's white tailed sea eagles can be seen on Skye and Mull. However, recently they have become quite a regular sight across the Western Isles. The Sea Eagle is Britain's largest bird of prey. With a beak nearly as long as its head and a wingspan of over two and a half metres, it is a truly impressive sight! Sea Eagles live on a diet of fish, birds, carrion and small mammals.

Puffins are striking looking birds best known for their chunky, triangular, multi-coloured bills - blue grey, orange, yellow and red. With their stocky, build, short wings and tails, they look quite comical. The Shiant Isles are one of the most important breeding colonies for seabirds in Europe  and holds around 10 per cent of UK Puffins.

Dolphins are relatively common in Hebridean waters and include seasonal visitors such as the Common, Risso and Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin. However, the Harbour Porpoise and Bottle-Nosed dolphin can be spotted around the Western Isles all year-round. Outer Hebrides dolphin spotting also offers the possibility of seeing White-Beaked and Striped Dolphins.

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