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Do I need to book?


Booking in advance is highly recommended, especially during the peak holiday periods as demand is high and we have a maximum number of 12 seats on our boat.


How do I book?


The easiest way to book a trip in advance is to call us on 0800 246 5609, which is free to landlines and mobiles. We will let you know the trip departure times for the dates you are interested in.


Can I book online?


You can enquire about trip times and availability online using our Contact Us form. Please provide as much information as possible, including your telephone number and email address, along with your preferred trip date, the number of seats you require, both adult and children, the age of any children and any other special requirements that you may have. We will then reply with the information requested.


Do I need to be at the harbour earlier than the boat departs?


Please ensure you arrive at the centre at least 10 minutes prior to your departure time. This will allow the boat to depart on time.


Do you ever cancel trips?


Occasionally it is necessary to cancel trips. Your safety is our primary concern and if we feel weather conditions on the day are unsuitable we will cancel the sailing. Unfortunately local weather conditions can sometimes change rapidly and trips may have to be cancelled at short notice.


What happens if my trip is cancelled?


If this happens we will try, where possible, to accommodate you on the next available trip that suits or provide a full refund if the passenger prefers.


Will I get seasick?


Generally people do not tend to get sick due to the fresh air, the greater stability of RIBs and the lower centre of gravity. However if you are at all concerned then you may wish to take motion sickness tablets.


What if I’m pregnant or have a back problem?


Unfortunately we cannot accommodate those who are pregnant or have back problems. Even on seemingly calm days, the weather can change suddenly or unpredictable wave motions occur. For that reason we don’t recommend the trips for anyone with either of these conditions.


When do you operate?


Scheduled sailings are available from the beginning of April until the end of October, weather permitting. Outside this period please contact us to check availability or to discuss the possibility of an out-of-season charter.


What should I wear?


Lifejackets are provided on our trips but you are more than welcome to bring your own hat and gloves. Waterproof flotation suits are available and also waterproof ponchos. In case of a change in weather, we recommend layers i.e vest, t-shirt, fleece and jacket. Even in the summer months it can feel cold as the vessel is travelling at speed. Sensible flat shoes are also essential to ensure boarding the vessel safely. No high heels!


Is food provided?


No, we do not supply food and drink. We recommend you bring your own water on all trips, especially in warmer weather. As for food we suggest bringing a packed lunch/snacks for the longer journeys i.e. the Shiants. On the shorter trips it is entirely up to the individual.



Is the trip suitable for people with reduced mobility?


While we make every effort to accommodate a range of disabilities the style of seating on board the vessel is such that a degree of agility and balance is required. Please contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.


Can I take a camera?


Passengers are free to take cameras aboard however they do so entirely at their own risk. We would recommend that if you are intending to take a camera that you protect it in a suitable waterproof pouch. A small disposable waterproof camera is probably the safest option.


When is the best time of year to see Dolphins?


The Bottlenose Dolphins are resident here and can be seen all year round.


Is there a better time of day to do a tour?


There is no better time of day to view the wildlife and our sightings rate is not influenced by tides. Unlike shore based watching we are not dependent upon the dolphins coming in to feed at a particular point, we are able to cover a large amount of ground on our trips and take in as many of the dolphins’ favourite spots as we can. You have the same chance of spotting animals on any of our trips – just choose the time that suits you best and keep your fingers crossed!


Can you guarantee sightings?


Although we are fortunate to see a variety of wildlife on most of our trips we can never guarantee sightings 100%. The birds and animals we encounter are entirely wild – they are not fed or trained. Sometimes we must be content with just a glimpse or the knowledge that these animals are not there simply for our pleasure but are free to go about as they please.


Is the trip suitable for children?


Yes, generally children enjoy the thrill of this type of trip and find the mix of wildlife watching and the boat ride itself a great combination. Younger children between the ages of 5 and 12 years must each be accompanied by an adult.


Can I take my dog?


No. The trips are not suitable for dogs.

Where can I stay?


Please see our links at the bottom of this page.


Where can I park?


Free, unrestricted off street parking is available on the the pier itself and also in the South beach car park. The location of both are marked on the map below.



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